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Nyhetsbrev (december) - emedia och LUBsearch

Nya e-resurser

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) E-books and Standards
LTH har köpt in samlingen ASCE: The ASCE Library provides online access to a high-quality collection of civil engineering content. It contains articles from ASCE journals, papers from conference proceedings, and e-books and standards.

Visible Body
Medicinska fakulteten har köpt in modulen Anatomy & Physiology i den anatomiska databasen Visible Body. Resursen kommer inom kort läggas i databaslistan.

Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAR)
Juridiska fakulteten har startat en prenumeration på IAR: Investment Arbitration Reporter is a news and analysis service focusing on the international law that applies to foreign investment, particularly the international treaties and arbitration claims that arise in this context.

Pågående tester

South Asia Archive (NIAS), 18 september - 31 december
South Asia Archive is interdisciplinary and provides cultural and historical material from across the Indian sub-continent, covering the period mid-18th to mid-20th century. The material was collected by the South Asia Research Foundation (SARF) over a number of years with the objective of preserving Indian cultural heritage. Materials include journal series, rare books, reports, many forms of document e g government acts, catalogues, census’, legal documents, maps etc, Indian film booklets from 1933-1953, and 946 documents in vernacular languages.

Bloomsbury Architecture Library, 6 november - 31 december
For the study of architecture, urbanism, and interior design, Bloomsbury Architecture Library offers access to a carefully curated collection of fully-searchable text and image content.

Energy Online, 9 november - 31 december
Energy Online offers a comprehensive coverage of Energy topics as it relates to science, architecture, economics, and politics. The Online Reference allows for easy access to De Gruyter content across all Energy-related disciplines.

Colonial Law in Africa, 1920-1945, 19 november - 15 December
These gazettes contain copies of the laws and ordinances which were introduced in the years they cover. Each item was originally published as the Government Gazette for a colony and year. Their contents include tenders of property, probate records and insolvency notices.

Colonial Africa in official statistics, 1821-1953, 19 november - 15 december
These statistics cover the history of thirteen colonies across Africa. The date range of statistics for each colony depends on who ran it at the time. Most colonial statistics cover that colony's funds, its population and the names of its officers. Details of which countries each colony was trading with and what they bought or sold were recorded in these books. Public services which were run by the British colonies are also covered by these records. The statistics for Africa told the Colonial Office how the British Empire was performing as a business. Some topics in these books only appear in a few issues: population numbers for slaves would be recorded until the abolition of slavery. However, military spending would only be included at times of war. The imperial statistics in this collection are listed by year for ease of reference.

Chinalawinfo (NIAS), 14 november - 13 december
The Chinalawinfo Database , jointly developed by Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd. and the Institute for Legal Information Studies of Peking University, is a bilingual database to provide comprehensive information on China’s national-level laws and regulations, judicial interpretations, guiding cases, local regulations, legal trends, legislative history, contracts and legal forms, and the laws and regulations of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Contents in the database are derived from official sources to ensure authoritativeness, and the database incorporates a full range of user-friendly features including hyperlinks to related legal information, search results filtering, and summary displays of linked information through “Pkulaw window.”

OpenEdition: IGPDE - Institut de la gestion publique et du développement économique, 26 november - 26 februari
OpenEdition brings together four platforms dedicated to electronic resources and academic information in the humanities and social sciences. This trial includes only IGPDE.


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