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Guidelines and practical information

This page contains information about the basic guidelines for content to be published at OBLU.


For the publication to be presented properly on the website, there needs to be a cover image and a description of the publication. The description should not be longer than 400 words.

Copyright page

The copyright page contains different types of bibliographical information, for instance copyright owner, ISBN et cetera. We have defined a set of features that should always be in the copyright page:

  • Copyright owner
  • Publisher: This may be your faculty, institution et cetera, but not Lund University Library or OBLU. It can not be the author him- or herself either. 
  • ISBN: Printed and electronic versions should have separate ISBN. Many institutions have their own ISBN-series, but some do not. Contact your faculty support or publicera [at] lub [dot] lu [dot] se if you are not aware of the routines for issuing ISBN at your institution or faculty. 
  • Series title and ISSN, where applicable
  • Creative Commons license or equivalent information about how the work may be used (see below)
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI, see below)

Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons licenses are the most common way of stating the re-use terms of open access scholarly publications, as well as many other types of media. The basic license model, CC BY, allows for others to use, share, and modify the licensed content, even for commercial purposes, if a proper attribution is given to the copyright owner. There are several additional license models that applies further limitations on use, for instance for use in commercial contexts. Please read more about the different CC-licenses at the website of the Swedish Royal Library or use Creative Commons’ license chooser. 

About Creative Commons licenses for researchers and research publications at the Royal Library’s website (in Swedish)

Get help selecting a license at Creative Commons’ website

The license must be stated in the publication, for instance on the copyright page or in a cover sheet. It should be absolutely clear which license applies, and if any parts of the publication are not covered by the license. The license is stated in free text and with a URL to the license deed. It is also recommended to use a logotype from Creative Commons.

Templates for how to type out the licenses are available, please contact your faculty support if interested.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

DOI can be assigned to publications in OBLU. Chapters in edited volumes can be assigned a specific DOI. For the publication to be assigned a DOI, the following must be considered:

  • The DOI must be stated in the publication, for instance on the copyright page, or in the footer of a chapter’s first page.
  • DOI should always be formatted in the following way: More information about formatting the DOI can be found at Crossref:s website.
  • It is recommended to always state the DOI of referenced works, where applicable, regardless of citation style.

DOI for your publication will be sent to you upon contact with your faculty support.


Chapters for edited volumes can be presented as their own works. The chapters need to be split into separate files and provided with the information above, as well as any other information that can help to identify the host publication from which the chapter is derived. This should preferably be achieved with a cover sheet or information in the page footer of the first page. 


There are several librarians at the Libraries at Lund University who work with OBLU. Contact the librarian at your faculty library.

Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Ranka Steingrimsdottir
Jacob Andersson

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Faculty of Law Library

Jon Eriksen – jon [dot] eriksen [at] jur [dot] lu [dot] se (jon[dot]eriksen[at]jur[dot]lu[dot]se)

Social Sciences Faculty Library

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University Library

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