Research data is information collected or created to serve as support for analysing and validating research results. The data can be analogue or digital information as well as lab reports and software.

The line between what is research data or not can sometimes be difficult to draw, for example, when data is published as part of a database that also includes analysis and results, but in general, research data is considered information that requires processing in order to achieve originality.

Digital data come in different forms:

  • Materials originally created in digital form (“born-digital”)
  • Materials converted into digital form (digitised)
  • Observed data (impossible to reproduce)
  • Experimental data (should be possible to reproduce)

Research data and the libraries at Lund University

More and more researchers want to and are required to make their research data available. Various LU organisations are currently trying to find secure solutions for the management, sharing and long-term preservation of research data. On the following pages, researchers at Lund University can find information regarding the management of research data and links to support functions within the Lund University Library.