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Publishing a doctoral thesis in full text

Publishing a doctoral thesis in full text will increase its visibility and use. It is important to know which copyright rules apply. Below are some guidelines for each type of doctoral thesis.

Visibility of the doctoral thesis

If you publish your doctoral thesis electronically, it will not only be indexed and made searchable in Google. It will also be listed in the European doctoral theses database DART-Europe and in the international database for freely available academic material – BASE. It will also be linked to your full text from the Swedish research database SwePub and from the world’s largest library catalogue, WorldCat.

Regardless of the search engine or database from which the searches were conducted, any hits will be directed to the LUCRIS record describing your doctoral thesis.

Publishing a monograph

If you or the University is the publisher of your doctoral thesis, the PDF can be made publicly available in LUCRIS in conjunction with registration in LUCRIS. If the doctoral thesis is being published by an external publisher, permission from the publisher is required.

Publishing a compilation thesis

If your doctoral thesis includes articles previously published in other publications, an agreement must first be reached with the relevant publishing house. Please note that even if you have been granted permission to publish an article in the printed version of a doctoral thesis, a specific permission from the publisher must have been granted for making the articles available in the digital version.

The following form can be used when applying for permission from publishers:

Lund University has general publishing agreements with a number of publishers. If your article is published by one of the following publishers, no agreement is necessary:

Generally, articles with the status "submitted" are not made available in LUCRIS as this may jeopardize future publications.

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