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Management group

The management group of the library network is an advisory body to the University librarian.

The management group for the libraries at Lund University consists of the University librarian, the heads of each faculty library organisation, the members in the University Library management group and two coordinators from the University Library’s department of management and administration.

The group’s task is to prepare strategic matters for the library board and advise the University librarian.

The management group has a number of project and working groups at its disposal, which work on issues concerning various parts of the organisation.


  • Eva Nylander, Acting University Librarian (chair)
  • Catarina Carlsson, Faculty of Law
  • Colm Doyle, Faculty of Medicine
  • Christel Holmberg, University Library (notes)
  • Kristina Holmin Verdozzi, Faculty of Science
  • Kristoffer Holmqvist, University Library
  • Viktoria Hörnlund, Joint Faculty of Humanities & Theology
  • Karin Jönsson, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Kristian Knutsson, University Library
  • Lena Landgren, University Library
  • Åse Lugnér, Faculty of Fine & Performing Arts
  • Åsa Sellgren, Faculty of Engineering
  • Elisabeth Stålesjö, University Library
  • Hanna Wilhelmsson, School of Economics and Management
  • Henrik Åslund, University Library


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