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Library board

The library board leads the activities collective to all the libraries at Lund University and is also the board of the University Library.

The chair of the library board is appointed by the vice-chancellor; for the 2015–2017 period the chair is Olov Sterner. All faculties are represented on the board.

The board takes decisions on issues concerning the collective orientation of shared library activities. Among the board’s responsibilities are the following:

  • to establish the strategic plan for the library network,
  • to be responsible for quality enhancement in shared library activities,
  • to decide on guidelines for the provision of information within the library organisation,
  • to decide on general rules for the services the libraries provide to students and employees, and
  • to cooperate with other parts of the University.

The library board also takes decisions on the University Library’s budget.

Members of the library board 2017


  • Bo-Anders Jönsson, Pro Vice-Chancellor

Members appointed by the faculties

  • Axel Hilling, Faculty of Economics & Management
  • Barbara Törnqvist-Plewa, Faculty of Humanities & Theology
  • Ulf Maunsbach, Faculty of Law
  • Anders Ljungar-Chapelon, Faculty of Fine & Performing Arts
  • Erik Swietlicki, Faculty of Engineering
  • Heiko Herwald, Faculty of Medicine
  • Jan-Åke Nilsson, Faculty of Science
  • Lena Eskilsson, Faculty of Social Sciences


  • Eva Nylander, Acting University Librarian

External members

  • Lasse Bourelius, Blekinge Institute of Technology, the Library
  • Kristian Jensen, British Library, London
  • Agneta Olsson, Gothenburg University Library

Student representatives

  • Eric Mace
  • Jack Senften
  • Anders Törnkvist

A representative for each of the employee organisations SACO, SEKO and OFR/ST has the right to attend meetings and to make statements.

Union representative

  • Marie Hoen, SACO





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