Searching for open data

Depending on where it was uploaded, open research data can be found in a data repository, special data journal, or as a supplement to a journal article.

If the research data has been made available through a repository with long-term storage and the data includes reliable metadata, others are able to search for, find and reuse the data. Furthermore, if the dataset has been provided with a unique ID, a so-called ‘persistent identifier’ (PID) such as a DOI (digital object identifier), the data is also citable. 

Registry of research data repositories is a search engine for subject-specific archives with open data. It is an archive with 1 500 different research data repositories from all over the

Registry of research data repositories

General/multidisciplinary repositories 

There are a number of repositories where you can search for data but also deposit your own and obtain DOIs for data identification purposes. Here are some examples:

National infrastructures and scientific subject-specific archives