LUP Student Papers gives you who are a student at Lund University the possibility to make your papers and degree projects available online. The service is also used to submit papers, making them available for teachers to assess.

LUP Student Papers includes a registration and uploading tool as well as a search engine. Papers published in LUP Student Papers are also retrievable in Uppsök, the national search engine for papers and degree projects.

LUP Student Papers


Registering and uploading your paper

To register and upload your paper, go to LUP Registration, and you log in with your student account.

Use our manual for help how to register your paper.

LUP Registration

Manual how to register your paper

Searching for papers and degree projects

Search papers and degree projects in LUP Student papers


The Legal Division at Lund University and the University Library have produced a copyright document regarding the publishing of papers:

Copyright information in connection with publishing student papers (PDF)  (In Swedish)

Agreements between students and their departments regarding the publishing of papers should be in writing. The following agreement may be used:

Agreement on electronic publication of student papers (PDF)