Start a new open access journal

When starting a new open access journal, there are several aspects you may want to take into consideration such as content, target audience, metadata and peer-review processes. Moreover, look at whether you want to use CC licenses and DOIs, or measure impact and monitor statistics. The Libraries at Lund University can provide support and guidance in these matters. On this page you will find information about what starting a new journal can entail, and how the library can help your editorial staff.

Support from the library

At the library, you can get support and guidance throughout the process of starting a new open access journal. The Libraries at Lund University provide staff and employees with acces to Open Journal Systems (OJS), a tool for publishing journals open access online. The system can be used for the entire publishing process, from submissions, to reviews and publishing. It is also possible to only use the system for publishing.

All employees at Lund University can be given access to the system and are then provided with space on the server free of charge. Both before and after the set-up, we offer support and guidance, both with the technical aspects but also with questions such as publishing, licenses and impact.

If you are interested in starting a new journal in OJS, or want to move an existing journal, schedule a meeting with the representative at your faculty library. If you choose OJS as the platform for publishing your journal, you will be asked to sign a Journal hosting agreement that stipulates the editorial staff's and the libraries' responsibilities. We recommend that you review the checklist below before the meeting and please bring any questions you may have.

Journal hosting agreement to start a new journal (PDF 106 kB, new tab)

Checklist for new journals

The Open Access Network Austria (OANA) have compiled a Checklist for the Publication of Open Access Journals at Research Institutions that is aimed at editorial staff in the process of starting a new open access journal.

You can find the complete document here:

Checklist for the Publication of Open Access Journals at Research Institutions (PDF, new tab).

We recommend that you look through the document if you are thinking about starting a new journal.

  • Journal scope
    • Are there similar journals?
    • Are there enough authors and readers?
  • Formal aspects
    • For example: Journal title, ISSN, Party responsible and imprint, editor, language, frequency, metadata, DOI
  • Legal and ethical issues
    • Copyright, CC licensing and GDPR
  • Quality assurance
    • Are you making your journal peer-review?
    • How will you handle research data?
  • Technical aspects
    • What are your thought about digital preservation, file formats and web accessibility?
  • Indexing
    • What do you need to be indexed in for example DOAJ or Ulrich's Web?
  • Promotion of visibility
    • Will the journal be visible in social media, have a blog, newsletter or RSS feed?
  • Metrics and statistical analysis
    • For example Journal citation metrics
  • Costs and resources
    • Who is paying and who will get payed?