Lund University Libraries


First Nordic Conference 
on Scholarly Communication
Lund 22 - 23 October 2002
Copenhagen 24 October 2002


Conference Presentations 
First Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication

Re-engineering the Scientific Publishing Process (pdf)
Bo-Christer Bj÷rk, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki, Finland

Beyond Today's Electronic Journals: What Do We Really Need? (html) (abstract)
Peter Boyce, American Astronomical Society, USA

Future e-access to the primary literature (pdf)
Declan Butler
, Nature, UK

Looking to the Bright New Future: Some Thoughts on Improved Access, 
Wider Readership and New Business Models

John  Cox
, John Cox Associates, UK

Publication policy and the Danish Medical Research Council (abstract, cancelled)
Jens Chr. Djurhuus
Danish Medical Research Council, Denmark

What a researcher needs from publications (pdf)
Ole DragsbŠk Madsen, Hagedorn Research Institute (HRI), Novo Nordisk Discovery, Denmark

International Cooperation to Reclaim Scholarly Communication (pdf) (abstract)
Ken Frazier, University of Wisconsin Libraries, USA

A Foundational Moment? Humanities Journals and the Challenges of 
Scholarly Publishing in the New Century
Michael Grossberg,
 American Historical Review, USA

FIGARO, federative European academic e-publishing initiative
Natalia Grygierczyk, The Figaro Project, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Breaking the corporate stranglehold over scholarly publishing: 
a matter of symbolic capital

Jean-Claude GuÚdon,
University of Montreal, Canada

Publication strategies and planning in the Pharmaceutical Industry (pdf) (abstract)
Peter Kurtzhals,
Discovery at Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

The benefits and challenges of academic-led scholarly and scientific journals: 
the ELSSS project as a test case
(pdf) (abstract)
Manfredi La Manna
, University of St Andrews, Scotland

What's the use of electronic journals? (pdf)
Ingegerd Rabow, Lund University Libraries, Head Office, Sweden

OAI Repositories at Caltech (pdf)
Eric van de Velde
, California Institute of Technology, USA

Open Access. All Use is Fair Use (pdf) (abstract)
Jan Velterop, BioMed Central, UK

Conference moderators: 
Lars Bj°rnshauge, Lund University Libraries, Sweden
Henning P. Nielsen, Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

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