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Chris Armbruster

Access, Usage and Citation Metrics: What Function for Digital Libraries and Repositories in Research Evaluation?

Håkan Carlsson

Bibliometrics in the Nordic Countries – on the Library’s Home Turf

Melissa Hagemann

Open Scholarship: Synergies between Open Access and Open Education

Martin Hofmann-Apitius

Added Value Services for Digital Document Resources: Information Extraction Technologies for Knowledge Discovery

Lars Juhl Jensen

Integration of biomedical literature and databases

Ed Noyons

Research evaluation within a new era. New challenges to determine benchmarks and reference values

Paul Peters

A year of exciting developments for Hindawi

Ingegerd Rabow

Judging Merit - The Value of Publications

Laurent Romary

Changing the landscape - various ways of achieving open access

Sven Strömqvist

Languages in real time - new research data, web-distributed archives and the future of the semantic web

Caroline Sutton

Gold Open Access Publishing Among Scholarly Societies – some Nordic Experiences

Lorelei Tanji

Transformative Scholarly Publishing Models: Some Perspectives

Bryan Vickery

Open access: towards the mainstream

Jens Vigen

Open Access in particle physics: The SCOAP3 model

John Wilbanks

Data integration, text mining, and the culture of control

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