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Decentralization and National Health Policy Implementation in Uganda - a Problematic Process.

Anders Jeppsson

Reprinted, without all the papers, with permission from the author

I.Jeppsson A (2001). Financial priorities under decentralization in Uganda. Health Policy and Planning 16(2):187-192.

II.Jeppson A (2002).
SWAP dynamics in a decentralized context: experiences from Uganda. Social Science and Medicine 55:2053-2060.
Reprinted with permission from Elsevier

III. Jeppsson A, Östergren PO, and Hagström B (2003). Restructuring a ministry of health: an issue of structure and process. Health Policy and Planning 18(1):68-73.

IV. Jeppsson A, Birungi H, Östergren PO, and Hagström B. The global/local dilemma of a Ministry of Health: a case study from Uganda. Health Policy (In press).

V.Jeppsson A, Okuonzi S A, Östergren PO, and Hagström B. (2004)
Application of Burden of Disease/Cost-Effectiveness Analysis as an instrument for district health planning: experiences from Uganda. Health Policy vol 70 issue 3 pp 261-270
Reprinted with permission from Elsevier

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