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Digital Map Library to close


The Digital Map Library (Digitala Kartbiblioteket) will close on 31 December 2011. Lantmäteriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority) is no longer able to offer the service in its current form. This is because of changes to the legal and organisational structure of suppliers of data and the map service in the Digital Map Library.

There will be a new agreement on access to geographic digital data between Lund University and Lantmäteriet from 2012. There will be no access to data via an interactive map service during 2012 and it will therefore be the responsibility of the lecturer/researcher to supply the need for data for teaching. Lecturers/researchers are invited to contact Karin Larsson, GIS Centre, Lund University, for more information.

It will not be possible to answer enquiries from individual students (at least during the early part of 2012), as all retrievals must be done manually.

Since this change has come about very quickly, there may be a short period without access to geographic data. Pending a new solution for interactive presentation of and access to geodata, the Geodata Portal and Environmental Data Portal services, accessible through LibHub and the new system, Summon, are recommended.

Geodata Portal

The Geodata Portal is a web service for information on and, to a certain extent, access to geodata in Sweden. The service is under development and in the future will form the entry point to almost all geodata from public authorities in the country. The portal is run by the Geodata Secretariat at Lantmäteriet.

Information about the infrastructure for geodata can be found here.

Environment Data Portal

The Environmental Data Portal is a web service for information on and, to a certain extent, access to geodata concerning the environment. The portal is run by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The service will also be accessible from the Geodata Portal.

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