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Open Access to Scientific Works of Nobel Prize Winners


Key publications related to the most important scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century may become openly accessible online. The discoveries of penicillin, X-rays, insulin, radioactivity, quarks, and quantum mechanics are some of the most important scientific advances to have had impact on humankind. Opportunities are now being studied to provide open access to a wide selection of the scientific publications that were the basis for the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry and medicine awarded since 1901, about five hundred in all. The project is exploring questions related to copyright, selection, and the financial and technical aspects of digitization and storage. The intended result is to provide open access on the Internet to a number of selected publications by Nobel laureates since 1901. The study is being conducted in partnership with the Lund University Libraries Head Office, Lund University Library, and Nobel Web AB, and funded by the Swedish National Library and the Swedish Knowledge Foundation within the framework of the development program.

Free availability or “Open Access” to scientific information has garnered widespread support among the research community in recent years. Open distribution on the Internet will make it possible for scientific source texts to reach a significantly wider audience than ever before.

Lars Björnshauge, the Director of Libraries, Lund University:

“It is most satisfying that we now can initiate the important work of making the research of the Nobel laureates publicly available. The project is part of the initiatives that the Head Office of Lund University Libraries directs in order to make research material available for a larger audience. Together with Lund University Library and the Nobel Web we will now make another important step towards open access of scientific publications.”

About Lund University Libraries, Head Office:

The Head Office develops digital library-, and electronic publishing services. The Head Office operates several Open Access-projects and develops the Directory of Open Access Journals (


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