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Managing electronically

It could be a good idea to manage your literature electronically as well. On the Internet there are many free softwares for managing literature and links. See some suggestions below.

Some advantages

  • You can link directly to full-text articles, posts in the library catalogues, databases, or web pages. 
  • You can create and write posts yourself by hand.
  • You can tag all links with your own subject terms.
  • You can easily share links/literature with others.
  • You can easily find links made by others.
  • You can import links/references from other systems.
  • You can easily create a bibliography.

Some helpful softwares

RefWorks is an online reference management tool which allows users to create personal databases and use them for a variety of research activities.

Note! If you're accessing RefWorks from outside Lund University's network you will need to first log in using a group code.

In CiteULike you can create your own reference library and share your references with others. You can show your references according to different reference styles, and export references in different formats, for example PDF and text. If you later start using a reference managing software, such as EndNote, you can also export your references from CiteULike to it.

Diigo is a social bookmarking service with many features. You can tag your bookmarks with subject words, share them with others, etc. You can also mark important paragraphs on a webpage or in full text document, and write comments to linked material.

This is the largest social bookmarking service. Apart from gathering links and tagging them, you can subscribe to a certain tag. Then you can have all new links that any user has tagged with this subject word.

Zotero is a Firefox plug in for gathering, managing and citing references.

Connotea is an Internet based reference managing software.

As a student at Lund University you have access to EndNote Web, through Web of Science. Web of Science is a licensed resource, and when you are off campus you must log in to it.

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