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The Legal Division’s document Copyright:

Photocopying for private use

Copying for private use

Since July 1, 2005, copying literary works for personal use is called copying for private use. Private use includes copying for your own, your family’s or friends’ private use. “For your own private use", can in some cases include copying for carrying out a work assignment.  

Copying for private use is only allowed for limited parts of copyright protected works, unless these works are of small volumes, i.e. a poem or a short story. What is considered to be a limited part of a work varies, and must be decided from case to case. Thus, whole books cannot be copied for private use. The same goes for course literature. You are not allowed to make as many copies as you like – only one or a few.

Digital copying for private use

You are not allowed to produce digital copies from compilations (databases) in digital form or computer programs. However, you are always allowed to download a work, copy it from digital to digital form and/or print it out for private use, i.e. on your own initiative and exclusively for your own use.

All material published on a web site is considered transmission to the public.
See the Legal Division’s document Copyright – Copyright p. 5, for further information on the right to make works publicly accessible.

This means that you are not allowed to publish other people’s material on the Internet without permission. Furthermore, you cannot copy material that has been published illegally on the Internet, even if it is for private use solely.
See the Legal Division’s document Copyright – Copyright p. 8, for further information on copying for private use.

Anyone who produce copies in a way that is contrary to the regulations, runs the risk of being sentenced for breaching the copyright, a crime that can render fines or imprisonment for up to two years.
See the Legal Division’s document Copyright – Copyright p. 14, for further information on breaching copyright, sentences and damages.

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