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  1. What is My Course Library?
    My course library is a web based service for presentation of information resources that are relevant to a particular course. The content of My Course Library is most often determined by the lecturer responsible for the course. If you want to find out about My Course Library, you may ask your teacher or contact your subject library.

  2. Is there a user’s manual for My Course Library?
    No. Your subject library will answer your questions and show you how to handle My Course Library.

  3. My teacher said that I will find course literature in My Course Library. Where can I find the course library for my course?
    Go to Switch to English and then choose “Open courses" or “Password protected courses". (Your teacher will inform you of user name and password if your course library is password protected). Then find your faculty and course in the drop-down menus. The course code is usually included in the course library’s name.

  4. The course library for my course is password protected. I can’t log in – what’s wrong?
    User name and password are usually determined by the teacher. Ask your teacher about user-ID! If you know the user-ID but still can’t access the course library, you may want to verify that you have used upper and lower case letters as required. Still can’t access the course library? Contact your subject library!

  5. The course library for my course is password protected. How can I find out about user name and password?
    The user-ID is usually determined by the teacher who will also inform you about user name and password.

  6. What user name and password do I use to access the protected files in My Course Library?
    The protected files are only accessible to the students who are registered to the course in question. If you are registered to the course, you will access the files by way of your StiL-identity. You can find out more about the StiL-identity at;

  7. I have found password protected files in My Course Library. Is it allowed to print them out?
    Yes, you may print these files the same way you make other print-outs.

  8. My teacher uses My Course Library to administer course papers. Can I upload my paper myself?
    No, you have to have administrator’s rights to be able to upload files to a course library. Ask your teacher for instructions.

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