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Lund University regulations

The faculties of Lund University have no common regulations for exam and assessment procedures, nor are there any common rules concerning essays or other types of written student work. Each faculty or department have their own regulations – sometimes separate rules for different courses. These rules are often presented in the course syllabi.

Although the departments are obliged to inform their students of the regulations, the students themselves have a responsibility to take part of that information.  

Practical ethics

The academic community depends on the scholars' and scientists' personal ethics. In this context we speak of academic integrity, a value that underlies the university as an organisation as well as the quality of research.

Research ethics are thus founded on the researcher’s personal attitude rather than on rules and regulations. Although discussions of research ethics often concern researchers, it is important to remember that students also are part of the academic community.

On April 22, 2005 the university’s ethical guidelines were published in "Ethical issues at Lund University". The document has not been translated into English but you are invited to consult the Swedish text at the Lund University’s web site.

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