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The Lund University Publications (LUP) database has two main tasks.

  • It is used as a registration database, where researchers can add bibliographic information. This is done to collect all published research of the university and to make the publications visible on the internet.
  • It is also used as a public repository, where full text publications can be placed. This is done with permission from the document publisher and makes the article available open access.

"The vice-chancellor of the university hereby decides that departments and other units within the university continuously should report bibliographic data for all at Lund University published scientific works. This includes articles, books, book chapters, popular science, reports and other forms of publishing that the university publication database accepts. The reporting should be done continuously. Head of department or equivalent is responsible for the reporting.

All publications published after 2002 should be reported in the LUP database no later than Dec 31, 2007." Excerpt from a decision of the vice-chancellor April 2007, see attached pdf.

Certain colleges and schools have special systems and information sites. Read here before you report your publications.

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