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Registration and publishing of your dissertation

Registration of your defence information means that you make the event of the defence public. Registration should be done well in advance before the dissertation. Contact your faculty secretary to get information about the latest registration date.

Login for the registration form is your LUCAT, log in to LUP for registration

Full text publishing in LUP

If you or the university is copyright holder of the dissertation you can publish the dissertation when registering in LUP.

If the dissertation is published through a publishing house you will have to ask for their permission to make it available on the Internet. See our information about copyright for further information:


In order to make articles available in LUP that already have been published you will have to request permission from the publisher/journal. You will not have to apply for permission if the journal comes from any of the publishers below with which Lund University has general agreements. These agreements mean that you can publish the article in your electronic version of the dissertation without asking for a special permission especially for your article. The publishing houses are: IEEE, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Portland Press.

When comunicating with the publishers/journals, the following form can be used:

Do not publish any articles with status submitted in LUP. This might interfere with publishers policies.

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