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Make sure your dissertation gets the attention and dissemination it deserves!  

When you register your dissertation we recommend that you also make the dissertation publically available. If you, or the University, hold the copyright of the work you are free to decide if the dissertation should be made electronically and publically available. In cases where the dissertation, or parts of the dissertation, are published by external publishers copyright agreements must be considered. In many cases you will still have the possibility to publish your dissertation in LUP. 

When registering your dissertation in LUP you can upload a pdf. of your dissertation and decide its degree of accessibility.  

If you accept that the dissertation will be made freely accessible it will not only be indexed by Google. It will also be listed in the DART Europe Database, it will be made available through the international database for freely available academic research, (BASE) and a link to your full text will appear in the largest library catalogue in the world, Worldcat.

The most downloaded dissertation from Lund University has been downloaded nearly 7000 times. No matter what search engines are being used, all the hits will direct to LUP.

Increase your visibility, publish in LUP!  

If you have any questions regarding electronic publishing, please contact

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