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Faculty secretary

Faculty of Science
Tobias Nilsson
Tel: 046-2227182
Christina Magnusson
046 - 222 41 23

Faculty of Medicine
Anette Saltin
046-222 49 26 

Lund Institute of Technology, LTH
Maria Bajuk
046-222 89 13
Lotta Malmborg
046-222 46 57

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
Jesper Olsson
046-222 83 15

Faculty of Law
Helena Josefsson
046-222 10 95

Administrative and Social Sciences
Helen Wiman
046-222 48 35

Lund University School of Economics and Management, LUSEM
Fredrik Gallo
046-222 80 59

Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts
Annika Michelsen

FAQ - Registration of dissertations

1. Where do I register my dissertation?

2.  What do I need to register my dissertation?
You will need:

  • Login from STIL or LUCAT
  • Your dissertation with information about e.g title, ISBN…
  • An English abstract and if possible, also a Swedish
  • Information about the defence e.g. when and where
  • Your dissertation as a PDF-file

3. Where do I get my password?
In order to register your dissertation you need your LUCAT-id.

Contact your directory administrator if you have forgotten your password.

4. When am I supposed to fill in the information?
This should be done well in advance before the dissertation. Contact your faculty secretary (see the right column) to get information about the latest registration date.

5. Who is my Faculty secretary?
See right column

6. How do I get an ISBN?
See Left menu

7. How do I see that what I wrote actually is in the database?
When you click "Submit" a message will be send to your faculty secretary. The faculty secretary must then approves your information before it reaches the database. You will get an email when he/she has accepted your registration. You will still be able to look at your information when you login to the form.

8. What do I do if I have no PDF-file when I am supposed to register?
Contact your Faculty secretary.

9. How do I distribute the printed version of my dissertation?
The University Library has different agreements with the faculties regarding dissemination of the printed dissertations, contact your faculty secretary for more information.

Doctoral students hand in 20 printed copies of the dissertation to the University Library. NB Doctoral students at the Faculty of Social Sciences submit only three copies to the University Library. Doctoral students of the Faculty of Humanities and Theology do not hand in any printed copies to the University Library.

Welcome to hand in your dissertation to the information desk at University Library

Questions? Please call: 046-222 9168/ 0709-222 9168 / 0703-769 097
In each dissertation there has to be a separate title page and abstract page

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