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Register and publish your publications

Registration of all scientific publications is mandatory at Lund University. Full text upload is voluntary, yet recommended (see the publishing policy below). The University Library Tornavägen maintain the services for registration and self archiving. Lund university publications (LUP), and LUP Student Papers.

How do I register?

Control your copyright!

If you want to make your publications freely available, you must have control over the copyrights. More copyright information here.

Self archiving

You can make your full text publications available in LUP if you hold the copyright or if the publisher allows self archiving. Read more here.

Open access journal publishing

Publish directly in an open access journal.

Contact us for help

The University Librariy Tornavägen, has special competence within the field of publishing and Open Access. We answer individual questions and can also be engaged for seminars and meetings. 

Lund University’s publishing policy

  • if a freely accessible journal is not available as an equal alternative, a journal allowing parallel publishing should preferably be chosen
  • assignment of publishing rights should be avoided. Minimum demands for the author is the right to self archiving
  • Lund University should work to make all scientific journals adopt a publishing model, where the readers are given free access to the articles, directly or by self archiving.
  • researchers at Lund University should, if possible, be published in journals that are freely accessible to the reader

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