Grey zone OA publishing houses

There are appearing open access publishing houses whose seriousness is in doubt. We will try and list them on this page and link to the discussion about these publishers. In general, if you are considering submitting a paper to an unknown journal /publisher look at how well it performs in these areas.

  • Are there already published articles by prestigious authors or from institutions with known competence in the subject area
  • Who is on the editorial board
  • Is there adequate contact information
  • Are the terms in their “License to publish” reasonable

If you come across publishers that don’t give a serious impression that is not on our list, let us know by mailing to

General: Eliasson, P-O: Bluff-förlag söker forskare en allt vanligare företeelse, Universitetsläraren, 2011, 15 (in Swedish).

Academic journals

Academic journals is running an aggressive campaign to recruit authors that seems close to spamming . There is no real contact information on their web pages, authors are requested to sign away their copyright and there are few articles published in each journal..

Bentham Science Publishers: Bentham Open

Discussion about: 

David Publishing Company

Discussion about:

OMICS Publishing Group

Example: A  “peer-reviewed” article in the Journal of Earth Science and Climatic Change

Scientific Research Publishing

Sanderson, K. (2010). "Two new journals copy the old". Nature  463: 148

Scientific Journals International

Discussion about:

A non-OA monograph publisher

Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) och VDM Publishing House Ltd

LAP mainly contacts students and researchers who have recently received their Ph. D or Masters Degree and offers to publish their thesis as a book. The benefits for the author are dubious. Some collected links on LAP/VDM (thanks to Maria Kinger, Chalmers Institute of Technology for collecting them).

From Swedish universities:


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