Open Access Journals

An open access journal is freely available to the user, using an alternative economic model instead of subscriptions to recover the publishing cost. An increasing number of research areas are getting good open access alternatives for publishing as the number of OA journals is constantly growing.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is the internationally leading register of quality controlled OA journals. DOAJ aims to cover all subjects and all languages, and now also lists traditional journals with an open access publishing option. It is the Lund University Library that runs and provides DOAJ. 

Some OA journals charge a publishing fee. The fee covers administration costs for the journal’s publishing. Several universities help their researchers by paying for part of the publishing fee.   At Lund University there is a central publishing fund which covers 50% of the article processing cost when publishing in an OA journal, provided that the journal meets certain quality criteria:

Many OA journals are new and lack impact factors. Impact factors are based on the number of citations, and therefore take a few years to build up. Other quality indicators are the prestige of the editorial board, the quality of previous articles and indexing in important subject databases.

Publishing of journals and series  

Lund University Library Head offers server space and technical support for the publishing of journals and series with a connection to Lund University. The software we are using is Open Journal Systems (OJS). An example is the journal RIG, which is in the process of making older issues freely available. Lund Working Papers in Linguistics is another example.

Hybrid journals

Many publishers offer authors the possibility to publish accepted articles with immediate free access, at the same time as the article is published in the publisher’s subscription journals. This kind of subscription journal is called a hybrid journal.

If the author chooses to publish the article with free access, a publishing fee must be paid. This model is still quite new, and it is not yet clear how the journals will mark the OA articles among the rest. It is also unclear how a reduction in the subscription fee, relative to the number of OA articles, will be administered.

Last updated: January 20, 2014
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