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Open Access

What is Open Access?

Open Access stands for a way of publishing, where the researcher gives free online access to his/her publications. Since 2006, Lund University has a publishing policy in which the board of Lund University recommends researchers to, if possible, give free access to their research publications.  A growing number of research funders demand open access to publications that are a result of their funding.

Why make your research available through Open Access?

Open Access speeds up the research process

  • Typically, scientific and scholarly publishing houses permit self-archiving once your article has been published – sometimes even earlier. Self archiving increases availability and more of your colleagues have access your work sooner. Open Access has been proved to increase the number of citations. An article made open access will also be cited earlier.

Open Access gives you control over your publications

  • Your published work may be used in many ways. If you publish by Open Access, you retain control over your work and may make use of it as you wish.

Financially weak universities may access your publications

  • Financially weak universities in developing countries today have limited access to scientific and scholarly literature, a fact that considerably hampers emerging research in these countries.

How do I make my publications open access?

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