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Need to know what hours you can spend in your LUB Library of choice? Look no further!

<<<  Monday December 22 2014  >>>
Architecture and Design library, LTH Closed this day
Asia library Closed this day
Astronomy library Closed this day
Biology library Closed this day
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  
Campus Helsingborg, library 09:00 18:00
Civil Engineering Library, LTH Closed this day
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!  
E-huset library, LTH 10:00 15:00
Closed for lunch 11:30-12:30  
Economics and management library 10:00 16:00
Merry Christmas!  
Geolibrary 10:00 17:00
IIIEE Library, International institute for industrial environmental economic Closed this day
Christmas holiday period, closed welcome back January 12  
Law Library, Faculty of law 09:00 17:00
Library of Chemistry and Chemical engineering 10:00 13:00
Christmas 2014  
Library of Mathematics Closed this day
LTH Study centre Closed this day
LUX Library, Centre for the Humanities and Theology 09:00 16:00
Malmö academy of music library Closed this day
Closed during christmas holiday  
Malmö art academy library 15:00 16:30
Malmö Theatre Academy, the library 08:30 14:30
Medical faculty library, BMC, Lund 09:00 12:00
Medical faculty library
CRC library, SUS Malmö
10:00 13:00
Medical faculty library
Health Sciences Centre, Lund
10:00 13:00
Physics library Closed this day
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!  
Raoul Wallenberg institute library 13:00 18:00
Social Sciences Faculty Library 09:00 18:00
SOL Library
Centre for Languages and Literature
09:00 16:00
University library (UB) 10:00 16:00

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