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Students with print disabilities

The libraries will help students with impaired sight, dyslexia or print disabilities to find course literature in alternative formats such as talking books or braille books, e-text and enlarged text.

A librarian will help the student to go through the course literature list, showing him or her how to search The Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille, TPB catalogue. If the books have already been recorded, they can be downloaded by the library. If a certain title is missing, the student can ask for a new recording at his or her home library. Whole books are recorded by TPB and book chapters, articles and coursepacks are recorded by the Service for students with disabilities. Only mandatory course literature is recorded. It will take 8 to 10 weeks to finish recording a new talking book, therefore, it is important that the student receives the course literature list in advance.

Since January 2007, Lund University’s own recordings of articles, book excerpts etc.,  are available to all students with print disabilities through the national web based archive ALI - Archive for local recordings. In ALI, students can also find talking books from other universities and university colleges. You do not need to log in to search and read title information in ALI, however, it is only students with print disabilities who are allowed to download or request talking books.    

Course literature in electronic form is easily accessible to students with print disabilities, since it can often be read through speech synthesis.

Last updated: July 25, 2014
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