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A guide for producing print course packs

This guide answers the most common questions about copyright, particularly such questions as concern print course packs. The guide will inform you about the rights and responsibilities you have as a teacher when you produce and distribute copied teaching material. The guide is intended for faculty at Lund University.

This guide is much to summary to cover all aspects of copyright law. It is not to be considered a legal document and does not replace legislation or agreements. The guide is only intended as a short introduction to those rules that affect the daily work of the teachers of Lund University.

Several documents have been consulted when compiling this guide. Besides the copyright law (SFS 1960:729 and amendment) the agreement for 2007 between the university and Bonus Presskopia is of particular importance.
There is as yet no English version of this guide. If you do not read Swedish, please contact for further information.


Last updated: September 17, 2007
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