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CampusGuides is a tool for presenting information resources. It can be used both to create course libraries and subject resources.

You decide yourself how many pages you want to have in a CampusGuide. It is possible to create lists of links, insert images and embed films, chat windows, link clouds and other widgets/gadgets. You can link to course literature in the catalogue and include the images on the book covers.

You can upload documents and password protect. You can include a discussion board, give students the opportunity to comment on the information, contribute to it with the addition of links and complete interactive forms.

Do you want a CampusGuide?

Contact the administrator at your faculty:

Campus Helsingborg -- Berit Funke
Economics and managment -- Bitte Holm
Humanities/Theologi -- Annakim Eltén, Fredrik Eriksson
Law -- Anna Wiberg
LTH -- Emma-Lisa Hansson
Medicine -- Maria Björklund, Anna Gahnberg
Science -- Cajsa Andersson, Robin Gullstrand
Social sciences -- Linda Grandsjö, Maria Lindenmo
Institutes and research centres-- Ingela Wahlgren
University library -- Åsa Forsberg

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