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Lund University Libraries offer two services for the presentation of course literature, CampusGuides and My Course Library. They are intended as tools for librarians and lecturers and allow you to structure and adapt information according to your students’ and users' needs. The tools can also be used to create subject guides or to gather the information and reading material that is to be used in a project, for example.


CampusGuides is a tool for presenting information resources. It can be used both to create course libraries and subject resources.

You decide yourself how many pages you want to have in a CampusGuide. It is possible to create lists of links, insert images and embed films, chat windows, link clouds and other widgets/gadgets. You can link to course literature in the catalogue and include the images on the book covers.

You can upload documents and password protect. You can include a discussion board, give students the opportunity to comment on the information, contribute to it with the addition of links and complete interactive forms.

Do you want a CampusGuide?

Contact the administrator at your faculty:

Campus Helsingborg -- Berit Funke
Economics and managment -- Bitte Holm
Humanities/Theologi -- Annakim Eltén, Fredrik Eriksson
Law -- Anna Wiberg
LTH -- Emma-Lisa Hansson
Medicine -- Maria Björklund, Anna Gahnberg
Science -- Cajsa Andersson, Robin Gullstrand
Social sciences -- Linda Grandsjö, Maria Lindenmo
Institutes and research centres-- Ingela Wahlgren
University library -- Åsa Forsberg

My Course Library

In My Course Library you can link to items in the Lovisa library catalogue, e-books, full text articles or other e-resources. It is also possible to upload one’s own files, which can be password-protected.

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