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Contact information

If you do not know which subject library you belong to, you can send an email to the Lund University Library.  


The following data must be included:

1. Which course you are accepted to (course name and course code)

2. First name + surname

3. Street address

4. Postal code + city

5. Telephone number, including area code

6. email address

7. ID number

8. A confirmation that you accept the lending conditions

Loans for distance students

If you are accepted to a distance course at Lund University, and for different reasons (distance, work hours etc.) cannot visit our libraries, you can still borrow books. First, you must be issued a library card.

If you need information searching guidance – please contact your subject library, chat with a librarian on duty or read our web guides.

Get a library card

If you do not have a Lund University Library card, you can apply for a card at the library connected to your subject. At your subject library’s web site, you can find out what information they need you to submit and how to contact the library.  

Have books sent home

If you cannot visit our libraries, you can have books sent home without other additional charge than the return postage. This service is available throughout Europe. Reference literature and journals are not sent. Some LUB libraries send course literature, others do not.

Search and request

Search the library catalogue Lovisa for the literature you need. When you have found it, send an email to your subject library stating which items you would like to borrow. If you want to place a hold on books on loan, you can also send an email to your subject library.

Renew/Review your loans

When you have borrowed items from the LUB libraries, you can check your loans yourself by logging in to Lovisa, under Your Loans. You can renew loans on course literature yourself, provided that the loan period has not expired, and that nobody has put a hold on the book. For other books, you must often contact the library to renew the loans.

Return books

You must pay the return postage for the book yourself. Remember to send the books in time, so that they arrive before due date. For course books that arrive too late, LUB libraries charge an overdue fee of 10 SEK per day and book. 

Interlibrary loans

If you wish to borrow items that are not available at any of the LUB libraries, you can contact your nearest public or university college library.

Access to the electronic resources

LUBseach is a search tool for articles, handbooks and encyclopaedias in fulltext, as well as e-books. You can search freely in LUBsearch and log in with your StiL-identy to access the fulltext documents. LUBs subject databases are listed in Databases A-Z. You access these resources with your StiL-identity.

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