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Confidentiality applies within library services for information in registers regarding user loans, reservations or other forms of requests, in accordance with the Official Secrets Act chapter 9, §22 (SFS 1980:100)

Lending conditions

The same general lending conditions are applicable at all libraries included in the Lund University Libraries network – LUB. The conditions represent an agreement between the borrower and the library. The lending agreement takes effect when the library card is used for the first time and thus does not require a signature to be valid. The lending conditions are set by the Lund University Libraries, Library Board, and approved by the university’s Legal Division. Library users must keep themselves informed of any changes in the conditions, which may be carried out in the future.

Who can borrow books?

Just about anyone who lives in Sweden and is 18 years of age can be issued with a library card at LUB. Persons without a Swedish personal identity number who are not guest students or researchers at Lund University, must have a guarantor and show photo ID.

What kind of material can be borrowed?

The regulations stating what you can borrow and for how long, vary among the different libraries within LUB. Reference books, journals, special collections and older material are often for reference only. For further information, please see the web site of each library.

Loan periods

Course books (i.e. Kursbok): as a rule*, you can keep course books for 2 weeks.

Other books (i.e. Monografi): as a rule*, you can keep a Monografi for up to 6 months. If the Monografi is requested by someone else during the 6 months, you will be requested to return it. However, you are always guaranteed a loan period of 28 days. You can keep check of your library account at

* There might be local discrepancies; always check with the library in question.

Lending conditions in short

  • You must be 18 years of age to borrow.
  • You must present photo ID to be issued with a library card.
  • The library card must be shown when borrowing items.
  • You are responsible for all items issued against your library card.
  • You must observe the length of the loan period.
  • Borrowed items are to be returned before the loan period expires.
  • An overdue fee is charged for course books not returned on time.
  • If you have100 SEK or more outstanding, your library card is blocked at all LUB libraries.
  • A lost library card can be replaced at a fee of 25 SEK.
  • You can change name, address and email address in the library catalogue Lovisa, under Your loans.
  • You are entitled to a receipt when you return the borrowed items.

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