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Prices for interlibrary loans

Price list for interlibrary loans, Lund University Libraries (LUB).
(Price list valid from July 1, 2006). This information is intended for other libraries. Borrowers may contact their LUB home library.


The prices apply to interlibrary loans to external borrowers, carried out by units within LUB. The prices are applied uniformly within the LUB network.

  • Copies (articles)* to publicly financed libraries** 80 SEK/article
  • Copies (articles)* to publicly financed libraries – FAX** 150 SEK/article
  • Copies (articles)* to other libraries and companies 150 SEK/article
  • Copies (articles)* to other libraries - FAX 200 SEK/article
  • Issue of books to publicly financed libraries** within the Nordic countries free of charge
  • Issue of books to other libraries in the Nordic countries and companies 150 SEK/book
  • Issue of books to libraries outside the Nordic countries 2 IFLA-vouchers

*When article length exceeds 30 pages, a fee of 20 SEK per set of 10 pages started will be added. 

** "Publicly financed libraries" include public, school and university college libraries, as well as a number of special libraries.

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