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Most LUB libraries acquire course literature. At some libraries you can borrow course literature, whereas other libraries only hold reference copies to be read at the library.

Search for course literature

Course literature can include books and scientific articles in printed or electronic form. Search the library catalogue Lovisa or LUBsearch, the LUB search assistance for electronic resources.  

Some courses use LibGuides to present course literature.

Loan period

The loan period for course literature varies between the different LUB libraries. In general however, the loan period for course literature is 14 days.

Renew loans

You can often renew course literature loans yourself through Lovisa. You cannot renew a loan that has expired or that someone else has put a hold on. In general, you can renew a loan on a course book ten times.

Overdue fees

Put a hold on course literature on loan

You can put a hold on course literature on loan through Lovisa. Search for the book and click the Request/Hold button and submit your library card number. To receive a notification when the book is ready for collection, you must have an email address registered in Lovisa.

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