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Jette Guldborg Petersen
Director of Libraries
Lund University Libraries


Welcome to LUB

The libraries at Lund University with their printed material and the digital information constitute an important source of knowledge for students, researchers and lecturers. The wide scope is a basis for the quality of the studies and research.

Lund University makes its resources available to tens of thousands of users, both for research and studies; everything, ranging from the oldest to the newest material, independent of time, room and media, is provided in the easiest possible way.  

The library network is not solely a resource for Lund University, but is also running and developing services, and is used daily around the world.
The libraries play a crucial part in the task of higher education – to make the students develop a critical thinking.

You are welcome to use our resources and knowledge, on the web or at our libraries!  

Jette Guldborg Petersen
Director of Libraries

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