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"Free access to publications leads to an increased usage of, and an increased impact for research. This increases the visibility and impact for researchers at Lund University." (Göran Bexell, former Vice Chancellor, Lund University)

Scientific publishing

In November 2005, the Board of Lund University decided to recommend the following:

  • That researchers at Lund University, if possible, should publish their work in journals freely accessible to the reader.
  • That if a freely accessible journal is not available as an equal alternative, a journal allowing parallel publishing should primarily be chosen.
  • That transfer of publishing rights should be avoided. Minimum demands for the author is the right to parallel publishing.
  • That Lund University acts in order to make scientific journals start using a publishing model where the articles are made freely accessible to the reader, directly or through parallel publishing.

Internationally and nationally, Lund University is well to the front in Open Access publishing of scientific information, and is, for example, running the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) for quality controlled scientific journals. Every month, DOAJ is accessed from over 150 countries and is an integrated part of library catalogues around the world.

LUP, Lund University Publications, is Lund University’s institutional archive – aiming to become the complete register of research at Lund University. Lund University dissertations from 1996 and onwards are registered, and sometimes with free full text. Scientific publications from 2002 and onwards are also registered in LUP. 

GOAL: By 2009, at least 50 % of the quality controlled articles, published by researchers at Lund University shall be freely accessible.

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