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In the last few years, there has been a considerable change in the libraries’ purchases. An increasing part of the new acquisitions consists  of digital information resources – e-journals, e-books and databases.
During 2008, the libraries purchased printed material for nearly 15 million and e-media for nearly 32 million SEK.

The digital resources are financed centrally or by the separate faculty libraries. One of the main tasks of the Lund University Libraries Head Office is to purchase digital journals, books and databases, register them and make their contents searchable and available to the users within Lund University. The executive group, Samrådsgruppen för elektroniska medier, consisting of members appointed by the faculties and led by the University Library Tornavägen work manager, coordinates and decides on acquisitions.  

All of the printed material, as well as parts of the digital resources, are registered in the library catalogue Lovisa, which at the turn of the year 2008/2009 contained 1.79 million titles.

LUBsearch provides a single entry point for searching the digital resources.

Everyone who is studying or is employed at Lund University, can access the university’s digital resources through their StiL or LUCAT identity from anywhere. 

Related information

General agreements regarding the purchase of books and journals as well as electronic material to Lund University, have been developed in cooperation with the university’s Legal Division.

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