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Lund University Libraries (LUB) is a network organization consisting of some thirty subject libraries. The subject libraries are tied to a faculty, an institution or a centre and are responsible for the daily service to students and researchers within the subject field. Two units within the network, the Lund University Libraries Head Office (BD) and the University Library (UB), offer service to all users at the university. All LUB units are public and open to everyone.

Rules and decisions

The network organization permit the subject libraries to adapt their activities to meet the needs of particular groups of users. The necessary coordination is primarily evident through uniform rules for the library systems LUBsearch, Lovisa etc. Overall decisions regarding policy issues, for instance lending conditions, are made by the Library Board or the Director of Libraries. The development and coordination of activities are also discussed in the Library Council, often after having been prepared by one of the Library Council’s work and reference groups. One such group, with representatives from all subject fields, coordinates the acquisition of electronic resources.    

Strategic planning

The Library Board adopts a strategic plan in order to coordinate the long-term development of activities and services. A new plan for the time period 2009-2012 will be adopted during the autumn of 2008. The different units of the library network will adopt concrete action plans based on this strategic plan for each subject field respectively. These plans constitute the basis for evaluation and quality work.  

Staff competence is of great importance to the quality of the libraries' activities. Apart from in-service training based on the needs of the subject libraries, coordinated efforts for competence development are offered within a number of areas. Monitoring trends and leader development are important themes, as is knowledge transfer between age-groups and between the different units of the network.

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