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About LUB

Lund University has one of Sweden’s oldest and largest research libraries. Lund University Libraries - LUB is a network consisting of 30 faculty, departmental and centre libraries in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg.

The main task of the LUB libraries is to support research and education at the university by providing good access to information. The libraries play a central role in distributing, keeping and efficiently handling information resources. Students, lecturers, researchers and other users, are provided with adapted library and information services close to their subject areas. 

Electronic services at campus

Within the library network, there is a great amount of electronic resources: more than 15000 e-journals, 500 databases and many e-books, dictionaries and encyclopaedias. The electronic resources are administered by Lund University Libraries, Head Office.

The University Library (UB)

The University Library is a special library within the library network. It was founded in 1666, at the same time as the university, and holds large collections extending over 2000 years, covering practically all languages and subject fields.
UB’s function is to keep, inform about and in different ways make the various special collections, the Swedish publications in printed form and the foreign research material, available. As early as in 1698, UB was made a legal deposit library. Today, UB has a statutory duty to keep the Swedish publications in printed form eternally. UB also functions as a national and international inter-lending centre. 

Lund University – the first Swedish institute of higher education with an Open Access policy

LUB plays an active and leading role when it comes to develop scientific publishing, especially within the Open Access movement. Both internationally and nationally, Lund University lies ahead in giving free online access to scientific information. LUB is developing different services for electronic publishing of university research and undergraduate theses. Researchers at Lund University are recommended, if possible, to publish their work in journals that have open access to the reader.    

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